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Taiwan Firsts – What To Expect When You Visit Taiwan for the First Time

Moving from a Western country to an Asian one can bring with it real culture shock. Here a few regularities that those of us living in Asia may have already gotten used to.

10 Things To Know About Going Home After Living Abroad

Going home is hard after you’ve been abroad. Here are 10 things to know about going home after living abroad. Reverse culture shock can be a harsh reality. It’s going to be hard to relate to people at first All of your friends, old and new, back home have been having a completely different set…
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Outdoor Activities in Taipei: Part 3

Continuing our outdoor activities in Taipei series we bring you part three. The best part of traveling in Taiwan are the various segments of each trip. A seemingly simple hiking trip can easily turn into a multi-layered excursion.

Culture Shock – What Shocks You About China?

China is definitely high on the list of places where you will experience culture shock. Here are nine moments of culture shock I experienced in China when I first got here.

Blog Carnival: Plan Your Journey Well

It has been three and a half years of a journey since you sat there that day on your bed looking over everything you were packing to head off on your way to Bali. As you sit there looking over your whole life in a bag for the next year, the buzz of excitement mixed with anticipation and a healthy dash of fear swimming around in your stomach, you never could have foreseen the ups, downs, twists and turns, and general direction your year abroad would take.

Blog Carnival: Feeling At Home While You’re Abroad

I knew from the beginning that it wasn’t going to be an easy year living abroad and one of the biggest challenges was going to be homesickness. But it was something that I just knew that I not only wanted, but needed to do for myself.

Tips For Repatriating – What You Need To Know

For most ex-pats, there eventually comes a time when the call of home gets too loud to ignore. It might be family and friends that are pulling you back, or a job, or just a sense that it’s time to leave. Whatever the reason, moving home can be as challenging as moving abroad.

‘How to Meet Locals’ for Dummies

Writer Joshua Gorenflo describes the best ways to meet locals…with a twist. How do you get from the airport to someone’s dining room? Read on to find out!