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Top Korean Beauty Trends of 2015

It’s no secret that Korea has been at the forefront of modern cosmetics. This is the country that brought us amazing facial sheet masks, snail slime moisturizers, and cushion compacts.

A Weekend In Jinju and Namhae

In the west, the sky is a brilliant orange fading to blue above. The sun has just slipped below the peaks of the low mountains of this southern Korean town. The color reflects in the ripples of the slow-moving river. Along the river, figurines of all shapes and sizes dot the water’s surface. As the blue sky above deepens with the fast-approaching night, the power goes on for the lights inside the lanterns, and the river takes on its own glow.

A Tour of the DMZ

It was not the actual border, but it drew the southern boundary of the most ironically named place on the globe, the “De-Militarized Zone” or DMZ that separates North and South Korea.

5 Tips For Halloween Abroad

October is here! So, bring on the pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, and Halloween candy. If Halloween happens to fall on your list of favorite holidays ever, then you might be a little disappointed to learn that not every country is as zombie and ghoul crazed as America.

Thanksgiving in Korea: Chuseok

As we wandered the streets of the now-famous Gangnam district in Seoul, South Korea, we could not help but notice the strangeness of the dark restaurant windows and the quiet streets. In my seven months in Seoul, I have not witnessed such calm on a Friday night.

Mary McCusker, Teaching for EPIK in South Korea Part 2

Last week we brought you the first installment of our teacher interview we did with Mary McCusker, a teacher that dropped everything in New Jersey to head to South Korea to teach English. Read the rest of her excellent adventure here.

Ko-Yon Jeon: A Party in Seoul

Each year young Korean athletes, clad in their crimson or blue, face off in a series of competitions to prove their dominance over their rival. Korea University and Yonsei University are two of the oldest institutions in South Korea, founded in 1905 and 1885, respectively.

Mary McCusker, Teaching for EPIK in South Korea

Mary McCusker is currently teaching for EPIK in South Korea through Reach to Teach. She has kindly shared with us her experiences and pictures in an interview. She had so much to say about her experiences that we have made this into a two part interview.