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An image of housing and apartments in Taiwan via ReachToTeachRecruiting.com and their handy how to find housing guide.Housing In Taiwan

Most schools in Taiwan don’t provide housing for you. Outside of Taipei and New Taipei, they generally assist in helping you find a place to live. Most schools that Reach To Teach is affiliated with in Taiwan offer some form of assistance when you first arrive. Some schools will offer direct help in finding apartment. Some schools will provide you with temporary housing.

This assistance is extremely helpful when trying to negotiate leases and find a location you’re happy with. We don’t advise you to sign a rental contract until you can see the apartment in person.

Apartment hunting in Taiwan may at first seem overwhelming because of the language barrier. With a little patience you will have no problem finding something to your liking. Concentrate on taking your time and finding a place which is comfortable and located near your school. Most teachers find their apartment to be cheaper and a better value than what they find back home. Read about the cost of living in different cities in Taiwan on Numbeo Taiwan.

The cost of an apartment in Taiwan varies from city to city

In all cases, apartments here are much cheaper than what you would expect to pay in most Western countries. Your cheapest housing option is the studio-apartment. Studio apartments are usually furnished with air-conditioning, bed, desk, chair, and clothes cabinet. One-bedroom apartments may or may not have a kitchen or come furnished.

Two and three-bedroom apartments usually have at least 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. They may or may not come furnished.

Taiwan’s first choice for housing and real estate in Taiwan, 591.com may be written in Chinese, but it can certainly be navigated through Google translate. If you’re looking for housing in Taipei, check out our article on How To Find Housing in Taipei.

Housing In Taipei

If your heart is set on Taipei and New Taipei, you must be independent and be willing to get set up on your own.

Jobs in Taipei and New Taipei are highly sought after. Many teachers come here during the first year and teach in smaller cities during their first year and then move to Taipei during their second year, thus it is important that you know that jobs are competitive and schools know there are plenty of teachers who want to teach in the capital city of Taiwan.

As the economic and cultural hub of the country expect to pay a premium for housing in Taipei. Most teachers spent an average of NT$8,000 to NT$12,000 for a room in Taipei and New Taipei plus utilities. Rent can be anywhere for NT$15,000 and up. Outside of Taipei, you can expect to find an apartment for NT$12,000 a month plus utilities

A lack of space is a definite drive behind the high prices in Taipei. As such, apartments tend to be on the smaller side. While the interiors of most apartments are well maintained and clean, the outside streets and alleys can sometimes feel dirty and uninviting. Similar to much of Asia, Taiwanese cities appear to be one giant concrete jungle. This is the price you pay for the convenience of living in Taipei, or other major cities in Taiwan.

Housing In Other Cities

The housing situation in the rest of Taiwan is roughly the same in terms of price. You can expect to pay as little as NT$8,000/month in smaller cities with average rents in larger cities estimated at around NT$12,000/month + utilities for a simple one bedroom studio.

Space is less of an issue so apartments tend to be a little larger than a similarly priced Taipei apartment.

Utilities In Taiwan

Expect to pay NT$500 to NT$1,000 a month for basic utilities (water and electricity). There is no central heating in Taiwan. Winters in Taiwan are short and rarely require heat. Many people use a small electric heater that will heat a small room.

Most apartments come with air conditioning which is an absolute must during the summer. Make sure to budget for extra electricity for summer.

Many apartments come with a broadband internet connection when you move in. Many landlords will include the internet in monthly rent.

If they don’t you should expect to pay an additional NT$500/month for internet.

Leases In Taiwan

When you have finally found the right apartment it is time to sign the lease, and luckily they are pretty straight forward in Taiwan. Often, you will be required to pay a two-month deposit + the first month of rent straight away.

A NT$10,000/month apartment would mean you need to pay NT$30,000 ($1,000 USD) up front, so be prepared. (This is why we ask teachers to have money in savings for their move to Taiwan.

The length of leases in Taiwan are generally a full year. Many landlords are accommodating if your circumstances are different.

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