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Teaching Abroad And Reaching Out

When we live in our hometown for too long we can reach a certain level of ‘stuckness’. We go to the same places, do the same things each weekend and don’t make much effort to meet new people because of our existing group of friends. We feel that we have enough friends, so why should…
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What to Focus on in ESL Reading Exercises

It seems obvious to most ESL teachers to approach language education by teaching the meanings of individual English words. After all, words make up the most basic unit of meaning. If letters are the atoms of communication, words are the countless combinations of them that make up so many new and differentiated molecular combinations.

Interview With Moses Allen: An American Teacher In South Korea

Introducing Moses Allen, an extremely active individual who is currently teaching in Korea. He has kindly taken the time to share his experiences in Korea and to give you the reader some extra information about fun things to do there. Read his interview to find a wealth of fun knowledge, from running groups to ice-climbing.

Interview with Chris Schannauer: An American Teaching in South Korea

Today we hear from our latest Reach To Teach Teacher Chris who is currently teaching in South Korea. He made the move from Pennsylvania to Korea and although he hasn’t been there for long, his experiences have shown him a lot. Read on to find out what he thinks of his time there.

Interview with Madison MacNichol: A Reach To Teach Teacher In China

Meet our latest Reach To Teach Teacher Madison MacNichol who has taken the time to answer a few of our burning questions. Read on to catch up with her about her time in China so far.

Writer Liane Nichols Writes About Speaking the Language (or not)

Non-verbal communication is a pretty standard idea. We communicate so much more not by saying it, but by showing it. It makes sense that when you travel the world, you start to recognize the true beauty of the non-verbal.

Teaching Differences between South Korea and USA

An interview with a Montessori School owner about educational differences in South Korea and the USA.

Five Tips to Help You Nail Your Teaching Abroad Interview on Skype

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind during your teaching abroad interview on Skype.