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8 Ways To Start Well At Your New School (Part Two)

Judith Villarreal is back with her second installment of her covering 8 ways to start well at your new school in South Korea.

“Dear Future EPIK Teacher, I understand the nerves you must be feeling right now. Believe me, I do. To add a new country, language, and culture onto your list of changes to come soon, you also have to add a brand new work environment. Hopefully you read part one of the 8 Ways To Start Well At Your New School. Get your printer ready to print off my second half of awesome tips!”

The Best Of ESL Teaching Advice Articles

Roll up! Roll up! ESL teachers one and all, whether you are fresh into teaching or you are the grand master of ESL, we can always learn new tricks and grow as teachers. We have cherry picked our best ESL teaching advice articles to share with you wonderful people.

Top 8 ESL Games Every Teacher Should Know

We have all been there, we have started our year with awesome games, but as the months draw on these awesome games start to lose their zing with your students. Time to shake it up a little, below I have compiled the top 8 games every ESL teacher should know.

Interview With Sarah Steinmetz, An American Teacher In South Korea

We are joined once again by one of our teachers who has kindly taken time to answer a few of our questions. This time we interviewed Sarah Steinmetz, a New Hampshire girl teaching English in South Korea. Here she tells us all about her time spent in South Korea so far.

My Most Proudest Classroom Moment? Gaining A PA

Hello dear readers and welcome back to another installation of (cue trumpets) the Reach To Teach Blog Carnival. This month I’m going to take you back to my teaching days in Bali, Indonesia which was my first ever teaching position and share with you a tale about a young boy I used to teach, he was my first success story.

5 Common Annoyances Teachers Face Abroad

Teaching English abroad can reap many benefits and can be a really life changing experience for the teacher. But let’s be realistic, there are few jobs that come without its challenges and ESL teaching is no exception to this rule. Being prepared for these challenges is our first line of defense against giving up and going home.

Resources for Teaching the Present Perfect Tense

When teaching English, plenty of grammar exists that teachers know how to use perfectly. But how do we explain it to our students? Do we even know ourselves what the terms for grammar means? The present perfect tense is one of the more difficult to understand and explain. Here are some resources for teaching and understanding the present perfect tense:

What Teaching ESL Has Taught Me

Reach To Teach November Blog Carnival: Teaching ESL can teach us a lot about ourselves as people. Here I discuss teaching abroad has taught me about myself and my personal life. Teaching English in Taiwan and Bali has given me two different ESL experiences that have taught me a lot about myself.