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Interview With Jared Berg: An American Teacher In South Korea

Today we hear from our latest Reach To Teach Teacher Jared who is currently teaching in South Korea. He made the move from Miami to Korea and although he hasn’t been there for long, his experiences have shown him a lot about teaching English in South Korea. Read on to find out what he thinks of his time there.

Interview With Tiffany Molyneux: Teaching with EPIK in South Korea

Meet our next Reach To Teach teacher who is kind enough to share her teaching and travel experiences. We interviewed Tiffany who flew to South Korea all the way from Florida, USA to start teaching with EPIK in South Korea. Formerly a kindergarten teacher in the states we hear how she feels about teaching in South Korea, and what experiences and advice she took from it.

10 Tips For Your First Day of School

The first day of school sets the tone for the entire school year. It’s important that you make an impression and create a successful first day experience for your students.

Top Five Tips for Teaching Young Learners

Teaching pre-school and kindergarten is full of both rewards and challenges. Here are our top five tips for working with young learners.

10 Tips For Teaching Large Classes

Teaching large classes can be daunting if you’ve never stood in front of that many students before.  Ideally, ESL class sizes are fairly small.  Discipline is easier, and you can devote more resources and time to giving each student the attention that they need.  Things don’t always work out like that, though.  In many schools,…
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ESL Teaching Tips: Teaching With Limited Resources

When you volunteer to teach abroad, you are likely to find yourself having to do without many familiar teaching materials.  Art supplies, markers, textbooks, a photocopier, games and computers could all be in short supply for you and your students.  But don’t be discouraged—this is the perfect chance to let your creativity and resourcefulness shine…
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TEFL Q&A: Do I Need a TEFL to Teach with EPIK in South Korea?

For the past two decades, South Korea has been one of the top destinations in the world for ESL teachers. In addition to offering one of the highest salaries in the business, schools in South Korea offer free housing, free flights, and insurance benefits, among other perks. Over the past year, Asian ESL destinations such…
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Ten Icebreaker Activities for the ESL Classroom

Here are a few ideas for ESL icebreaker activities and games that you can use the next time you’re staring at a classroom full of new faces.