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10 Foods in Taiwan That Aren’t in Travel Guides

Here you will find 10 foods in Taiwan that you will not find in your everyday travel guide. Taiwan is famed for its food, and they truly are a food culture. You can walk the streets and find everything from the regular to the extreme. Take a look at these 10 foods in Taiwan that are not your average delicacy.

Reasons to Love the Taipei MRT

There are many reasons to love the Taipei MRT system, its convenience and cleanliness make it one of the most efficient and enjoyable transportation systems I have ever ridden.

A Checklist for Leaving Taiwan

Having a checklist for leaving Taiwan is certainly a good idea, something I found out recently as I had to depart this wonderful island. Someday you might do the unthinkable—it creeps up on you if you leave in a year, it’s in the back of your mind after two, and it seems like a lifetime if it’s up to five, but eventually, you might leave Taiwan.

RTT Event Recap: Asian Fusion Night

For our latest RTT event we took our teachers for an Asian fusion night in Taipei, Taiwan. We wanted to bring our teachers together for a nice sit-down meal where we can all really chat and catch up.

Surviving Mandarin Part 2

Surviving mandarin can be an essential part of a foreigners experience, and it is something that is good to try to tackle a little earlier on in your time away. Last week we brought you part 1 of surviving mandarin, so this week we bring you even more help to get you started.

Convenience of Taiwan

The convenience of Taiwan is something that is commented on by many that travel and live here. The backbone to this is how well designed and efficient the transportation services are on this small island, something that really came in handy on a recent trip I took to Taichung.

Surviving Mandarin

Surviving mandarin in places like Taiwan and China can be a real challenge for a foreigner so learning the basics is key. There are plenty of resources that teach basic Chinese words and phrases for visiting a place like China or Taiwan.

Hospitals in Taiwan

There may come a point when you need to visit the hospital for something while you are teaching in Taiwan. Never fear! The hospitals are modern, clean, and very accessible! There are a few differences, though, when visiting a hospital in Taiwan.